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How often should you service your car?

No matter which fuel your car needs, it has several moving parts and components that wear out. Therefore it is going to need a service.

Vehicle brands say keeping to the same schedule found in the handbook is best. We go into detail as to what servicing is, what might be needed during a service and how often you should service. Including other things to think about when servicing your car.

What is a service?

Performed by a dealership or garage, a service is a regular health check and replacement of fluids and some components of your car.It is required to keep your car on the road for longer and helps prevent maintenance issues later down the line.

How often should you service?

Manufacturers typically advise a full service at yearly or 12,000-mile intervals, whichever arrives first.Each brand has their own requirements, and it is important to check with yours before booking a service. The logbook or trip computer will inform you when your last service was and when the next is required.

Why is Servicing your car important?

It is essential in new cars on lease, as it can void the warranty if the service schedule is not maintained. Leaving hefty fines or a lower residual value if the car is not maintained. Cars with excellent service history and rust protection shows that the owner has taken care and helps with promoting a higher resale value.

What happens during the service?

Depending on the service being undertaken. A basic service is an oil and filter change of your engine.  An interim and full service inspects of several components including tyres, fluid levels, brake wear and suspension components for wear. It also replaces air filters, timing chains/belts, spark plugs and injectors.

As a car gets older and more exposed to the elements, it is important that the service also checks for rust and corrosion as this can affect the safety and MOT test in the future.A car service is not the same as an MOTtest, but it can highlight something that may not pass an upcoming MOT test.

When should I protect my car against Rust?

It is essential to add a layer of rust protection on a yearly basis, especially during the winter when the roads have salt added to prevent ice build-up. This should be performed in advance such during thesummer and autumn months, where the climate is much better suited for rust prevention. With many garages getting busy and may not be able to fit you in quickly, then it is too late. According to  Mark from Preserve Protect “With some garages offering a discount if you are booked in early, it is beneficial to be proactive. As if the underbelly is left untreated,the problem will get worse. “

How to prepare for a Service

Make sure to include your alloy wheel lock nuts, keep your boot clear for checking the spare wheel and provide your service/logbook when handing your car over in a service. Typically services can be performed the same day. With more expensive cars needing longerand could take a day or two to source new components.Some garages allow you to wait for your car to be serviced, getting you back on the road as soon as possible.


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